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Welcome to Engage

Rob and DJ invite you to discover a new dimension of coffee culture. In this curated collection of blogs, we delve into the intersections of coffee, faith, and mission, offering a space for exploration, inspiration, and connection. From brewing techniques to reflections on entrepreneurial journey, Engage is a platform for discovery and growth. Join us as we journey together through the rich flavors of coffee and the deeper meanings of mission-driven living. Let's Discover and Engage in the conversation together!

The Founders' corner

North Arrow Coffee Co.: Serving Excellence One Cup at a Time

May 8, 2024

North Arrow Coffee Co.: Serving Excellence One Cup at a Time

As a veteran-owned business, we stand firmly on the foundation of service, discipline, and integrity instilled in us through military service. Our commitment extends beyond roasting, brewing, adn curating exceptional coffee; it encompasses fostering a community that embraces respect, dedication, and our Christian values.
Embracing Pro-Life Values

May 4, 2024

Embracing Pro-Life Values

North Arrow Coffee stands as a beacon of unwavering conviction. Rooted in our faith and guided by the principles of the Gospel, we refuse to compromise on our pro-life stance, boldly proclaiming our dedication to the sanctity of life in every aspect.

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