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We are committed to delivering high-quality specialty-grade coffee to our customers. Every bag of North Arrow Coffee is roasted-to-order and arrives at peak freshness, about 10 days after roasting.


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Now that the bird is dead it's time to stop tweeting and start Xpressing yourself.

We can't think of a better way to fuel day of public discourse than with this meticulous blend of African coffee.  So, don't even try to Xpress yourself until you've Xpresso'd yourself with some COFFEE FOR LIFE!

Roast: Medium-Dark

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Toast, Molasses


Selecting the right grind

Coffee Making Options for North Arrow Coffee Co

Shipping Policy

All products are typically expected to ship within 3-5 business days of purchase, but it is often quicker than that. This timeline is subject to change due to changes in COVID and any upcoming holidays.

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