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Our Coffee of the Month Subscription features rare and exclusive micro-lot coffees. Each one is only available for the month it is posted. To shop our regular coffee offerings, click the link below. Scroll down to learn more about Coffee of the Month.

Coffee of the Month Subscription

North Arrow Coffee Company

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Experience a new taste every month and get to know the stories behind some of the farms we partner with.

Subscribe now and get a new, exclusive selection of the finest single-origin coffees delivered to your door. Our coffee is ethically sourced from carefully selected farms that yield quality coffee and unique flavor profiles.

Origin: Peru

Region: Jaen, Cajamarca

Coop: Various Cooperatives through Young Lima Coffee Export

Cupping Notes:  Smooth, full-bodied cup.  Tones of milk chocolate, Lemon, and lime

Altitude: 1650 to 1800 m

Processing: Washed

Certification: Organic

Varietal: Caturra, Typica, Catimor, Mundo Nova, Pache, Bourbon

Rony Lavan is a passionate specialty coffee cupper dedicated to sourcing the finest micro-lots from small farms in Peru's emerging specialty coffee scene. As president of the Young Lima Coffees Exporting Organization, Rony is committed to identifying and developing high-scoring, top-quality coffees that showcase the immense potential of Peruvian specialty coffee.

With his deep expertise and ambition, Rony is playing a leading role in bringing recognition to the cup quality of Peruvian coffees. Since joining Lima Coffees, he has already won Peru's national coffee competition and is leveraging the new Cup of Excellence program to showcase Peruvian micro-lots on the international stage. Rony's sharp focus and commitment to quality are helping establish Peru as an exciting new origin for unique and nuanced specialty coffee

Origin: El Salvador

Region: Chalchuapa, Santa Ana,

Coop: Cuzcachapa de RL

Score: 84

Roast Level: Medium

Cupping Notes:  Well-balanced, chocolate, brown spice, and roasted almonds.

Altitude: 1400 M

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

Varietal: Bourbon & Pacamara

"The Cooperative Cuzchapa" is a renowned coffee farming cooperative based in the regions of Chalchuapa and Santa Ana, El Salvador. Founded in 1966 with only 56 small coffee farms, it has since flourished into a robust organization with over 1400 member producers. The cooperative's dedication to excellence is evident through its frequent participation and recognition in the prestigious Cup of Excellence coffee competition, where it consistently showcases exceptional coffee.

Notably, "The Cooperative Cuzchapa" stands out for its unwavering commitment to environmental consciousness. Demonstrating responsible practices, their centralized wet mill utilizes recycled water to float cherries, effectively removing defects before processing. The cooperative is mindful of water usage, employing minimal amounts during the washing process. Subsequently, coffee beans are sun-dried on raised beds, further contributing to their high quality.

By keeping all processing operations centralized in one location, "The Cooperative Cuzchapa" ensures maximum efficiency and maintains the standard of their product. Through years of dedication, the cooperative has become a symbol of sustainable coffee production in El Salvador, providing a model for the coffee industry's responsible growth and environmental stewardship.

Origin: Colombia

Region: Tolima

Coop: Café del Macizo

Score: 85

Roast Level: Medium/Light

Cupping Notes:  Medium Acidity, Smooth Body, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Fruity Notes, Nice Complexity.

Altitude: 1500-2100 M

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

Certification: Organic

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Tipica

Café de Macizo is a cooperative of 60 members cultivating organic coffee in the mountainous region of Tolima, Colombia. Established in 2003, their mission is to sustainably cultivate and market coffee, improving livelihoods in the face of challenges from armed conflict and drug trafficking. With farms situated at altitudes ranging from 1,400 to 2,100 meters above sea level in the Central Andes, the cooperative's members selectively handpick the coffee beans. This meticulous process ensures the highest quality. Spread across Tolima, the members collectively cultivate over 300 hectares, producing up to 750,000 kilograms annually. Additionally, Café de Macizo offers a community economic fund to support partner farmers during challenging times. Their organic practices, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to improving their communities make Café de Macizo a significant player in the region's coffee industry.

Origin: Kenya

Region: Embu

Cupping Notes:  Bight Acidity, Smooth Body, Grapefruit, Orange, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Honey

Altitude: 1500-2000 M

Soil: Red Volcanic

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun Dried on Raised Beds

Grade: AA

Varietal: SL 28, SL34, Ruiru 11

This Kenyan, AA, Single-Origin, Microlot coffee, is carefully cultivated by small family-owned farms in the renowned Embu area of Kenya. These farms, working together in cooperatives, bring you a coffee that embodies tradition, quality, and the rich heritage of Kenyan coffee.

Sourced from 1-2 hectare plots, each bean is nurtured with the utmost care, ensuring exceptional flavor in every cup. From harvesting to milling and selling, these farmers uphold the highest standards at every stage of the process. The result is a coffee that showcases the unique characteristics of the region, offering a delightful and memorable experience.

Indulge in the distinct taste of our Kenyan AA Single-Origin Microlot Coffee, a testament to the collaboration, expertise, and commitment of these family-owned farms in Embu. Immerse yourself in the rich coffee traditions of Kenya with each sip, and savor the exquisite flavors that set this coffee apart.

Origin: Papua New Guinea

Region: Morobe Province

Farm/Co-op: Morobe Mountain Coffee Export Limited(OCFCU) 

Cupping Notes:  Medium Acidity and Body,  Stone Fruit, Nougat, Dried Fruit with Savory Undertones.

Altitude: 1700-2000 M

Processing:  Washed and Sun Dried

Varietal:  Typica, Bourbon, and Arusha

Certifications: Organic

Morobe Mountain Coffee Export Limited is a coffee company based in Papua New Guinea that has been producing and exporting high-quality coffee for over 20 years. The company works closely with more than 700 local farmers to ensure the beans are grown and harvested sustainably and to the highest standards of quality. They invest in infrastructure and technology to improve the efficiency of their operations and maintain the quality of their beans. Morobe Mountain Coffee has a strong commitment to social responsibility and supports various community development projects, including education and healthcare initiatives. They also employ a significant number of women in their workforce and provide them with opportunities for professional growth and development.

In addition, Morobe Mountain Coffee is certified organic by various organizations, including the USDA, EU Organic, and JAS. This means that their coffee beans are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, which promotes environmental sustainability and protects the health of the farmers and workers who handle the beans.

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Oromia Regional State

Farm: Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU) 

Cupping Notes:  Bright Acidity, Medium Body, Black Tea, Cardamom, Molasses, Lingering Finish. 

Altitude: 1550-2200 M

Processing:  Sun Dried

Certifications: Organic

Harvest Months: Nov to March

For over two decades, the OCFCU has been a leader in the production of high-quality organic Arabica coffee cultivated in the Oromia Regional State, which is home to more than 65% of Ethiopia's coffee-growing land. The cooperative follows the principles of the International Cooperative Alliance and Fair Trade, allowing its members to process and export coffee directly. Through this, coffee farmers benefit from increased revenues, improved livelihoods, and a strengthened sense of community. With coffee being the main export commodity in Ethiopia, supporting the OCFCU is a vital contribution to the livelihoods of more than 15 million people.

Origin: Nicaragua

Region: Matagalpa, El Arenal Nature Reserve

Farm: Finca Los Pinos

Cupping Notes:  Bright acidity, rich body, black cherry, blueberry, brown butter.  Nice Complexity

Altitude: 1350-1450 M

Processing:  Full Natural, Sun Dried on Raised Beds

Varietals: Caturra, Lembra, Sarchimor

Certifications: Organic

Roast Level: Medium

Byron Corrales of Finca Los Pinos boasts a well-respected reputation in the region for the farms’ exceptional quality coffee. With 55 hectacres of family owned farms, Finca Los Pinos has taken an organic approach and maintained a healthy ecosystem by integrating forested areas to improve water retention and bean quality. The farm is known for their comprehensive water management and fertilization system that uses a combination of coffee waste, cow manure, and locally sourced minerals as micro-nutrients. With such a limited yield, Finca Los Pinos’ coffee is an exclusive product sure to please any coffee connoisseur.

Origin: Guatemala 

Region: Huehuetenango 

Farm: Single Estate 

Cupping Notes: Green Apple, Lemon, Milk Chocolate, Nougat, Roasted Almond, Toffee, and Vanilla. 

Score: 83.67

Mario and Raquel began growing coffee in 1966 and in 1972 established Los Laureles II. They planted the farm with traditional cultivars for the area- Pache, Caturra, and Bourbon. Maragogype and Gesha were added, and most recently, Anacafe and Marsellesa have been planted alongside avocados. These crops have unique flavors and characteristics, which means a more diverse range of buyers interested in the coffee. 

At 95, Mario is still very much on the farm, supervising the care of the trees and the harvest with the support of his sons. 

Origin: Uganda. 

Region: Mt Elgon
Farm Certifications: Rain Forest Alliance, Organic Grown
Altitude: 4100-7200’
Process:  Washed and Sun Dried on Raised Beds.  Hand-sorted in traditional fashion.
Varietal: Bugusu, Nyasaland

Sourced from family-run small farms that have been passed down through four or more generations. The coffee from the Mt Elgon region of Uganda is a medium-dark roast boasting notes of brown sugar, vanilla, lemon, raspberry, and peach.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dan Pattison

I'm very happy with the quality and variety found in North Arrow's Coffee of the Month. I love that I can choose the grind that fits how I brew my coffee. Best of all, they generously give to promote a culture of life!

Michelle Jasper
Love how easy it is

I just started the monthly coffee subscription and I love the idea of it and fully support the company as well as those who farm the coffee. The month of July 2023 is so good, would recommend to have some on hand.

Jason H.
Coffee Snob

I need more information about the coffee. Region, elevation, plantation, roast, roast date. The QR code on the bag provides none of that.

Hi there! Most of that information is on the page that the code land on, Please send an email, and we can clarify that for you. As for roast day, your coffee is roasted-to-order, the day it ships. We cannot print that on the bag.

A Coffee Lover's Dream Come True: Exceptional Flavors Delivered Monthly!

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the coffee of the month subscription from North Arrow Coffee Co and I must say, it has been an absolute delight for my taste buds! I wholeheartedly recommend North Arrow Coffee Co's coffee of the month subscription to any coffee lover seeking an extraordinary experience. The combination of outstanding service, meticulously curated coffees, and a genuine passion for the craft make it a truly exceptional subscription.

Stephen Fonseca

Loved the idea of supporting a company with real values. Did not expect to love the coffee as much as we do!

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