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Our Coffee of the Month Subscription features rare and exclusive micro-lot coffees. Each one is only available for the month it is posted. To shop our regular coffee offerings, click the link below. Scroll down to learn more about Coffee of the Month.

Coffee of the Month Subscription

Experience a new taste every month and get to know the stories behind some of the farms we partner with.

Subscribe now and get a new, exclusive selection of the finest single-origin coffees delivered to your door. Our coffee is ethically sourced from carefully selected farms that yield quality coffee and unique flavor profiles.


July '24 Cotm

Region: Yirgacheffe
Roast: Medium Light
Process: Fully Washed and Dried on Raised Beds
Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom
Altitude: 1200-2250 M
Cupping Notes: Medium Acidity and Body, Floral, Brown Spice, Mild Raspberry

About Adulina PLC: Founded by Mahabub Awel, Adulina PLC has made significant contributions to the Ethiopian coffee scene, drawing on Mahabub's experience at Mullege under the guidance of his father, Mustafa Awel. The company's modern facilities and specialized processing methods ensure the delivery of exceptional arabica beans. Beyond quality, Adulina is committed to community enhancement, as seen in their infrastructure projects in Areka and sustainable water initiatives in Kochere Yirgacheffe.

June '24 CotM

Region: Santa Clara, Renacimiento, Chiriqui, Panama
Grower: Finca Santa Teresa
Altitude: 1400-1600 MASL
Soil: Volcanic Loam
Certifications: Conventional
Process: Fully Washed and dried in the sun
Variety: Catuai, Caturra
Roast Level: Medium
Cupping Notes: White Grape Juice, Citrus, Chocolate

About: June’s coffee comes from the prestigious Finca Santa Teresa, a farm renowned for its meticulous cultivation practices across 240 acres divided into 20 distinct plots. Each plot boasts its own unique landscape and micro-climate, significantly influencing the maturation and quality of the coffee beans. The farm employs a mindful and environmentally balanced approach, complemented by an experienced team and onsite infrastructure to ensure precision during the harvest. This particular lot of Caturra/Catuai undergoes a rigorous process where ripe cherries are floated to remove less dense and damaged seeds, then depulped, fermented, washed, and placed on raised beds. The beans are turned regularly over 8 to 12 days to ensure even drying and moisture consistency. This careful attention to detail results in a coffee profile that is clean, bright, and delicate, featuring tantalizing notes of white grape juice, citrus, and chocolate.

May '24 CotM

For May's Coffee of the Month, we are delighted to feature an exceptional offering from Ngozi Province, Burundi, known for its unique coffee-growing conditions and processes. Here’s a detailed overview:

Region: Ngozi Province, Burundi 

Grower: Smallholder farmers around the Bahire coffee washing station 

Altitude: 1800 MASL 

Soil: Volcanic Loam 

Certifications: Conventional 

Process: Fully Washed 

Variety: Bourbon 

Roast Level: Medium 

Cupping Notes: Brown sugar, nougat, milk chocolate, bright and sweet. 

About: May's Coffee of the Month originates from the verdant hills of Ngozi Province in Burundi, a region celebrated for its rich volcanic soils and optimal coffee-growing altitudes. The smallholder farmers around the Bahire coffee washing station employ a detailed washing process that begins with floating the cherries for density and visible defects. This is followed by depulping, underwater fermentation, and careful sorting by density in washing channels. The coffee is then shade-dried and subsequently dried in the open air, with unique pyramid piling to ensure even drying. This meticulous process results in a coffee profile that is exceptionally clean, bright, and delicate, embodying notes of brown sugar, nougat, and milk chocolate with a pleasantly bright and sweet finish.

April '24 CotM

For April's Coffee of the Month, we're excited to introduce an exquisite selection from Kenya's Kirinyaga region, renowned for its unique coffee varieties and rich coffee heritage. Here's a glimpse into the story and details that make this offering truly special:

Region: Kirinyaga
Grower: Small Farms in the Baragwi Coop.
Variety: SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Altitude: 1600-1800 MASL
Soil: Volcanic Loam
Process: Fully Washed and Dried on Raised Beds
Grade: PB
Roast Level: Medium Light
Notes: Berry, Cranberry, Ginger, Cinnamon. Bright Acidity and Nice Balance.

About: Nestled on the slopes of Mount Kenya, Kirinyaga County is a beacon for coffee enthusiasts, offering fertile volcanic soils and a high elevation that contribute to the coffee's distinct flavor profile. With a history of coffee cultivation dating back to the early 20th century, Kirinyaga has emerged as a producer of some of the world's finest coffees, thanks in part to the smallholder farmers of the Baragwi Cooperative. These farmers, deeply committed to quality, cultivate their coffee under shade trees and utilize a meticulous wet processing method. The result is a coffee with bright acidity and a complex flavor profile, including notes of berry, cranberry, ginger, and cinnamon. April's selection, a prime example of the expertise involved in Kenyan coffee production, celebrates the hard work and dedication of these farmers, offering a taste that is as rich and vibrant as the land from which it comes.

March '24 CoTM

For March's "Coffee of the Month," we're featuring a captivating selection from Loja Province, Ecuador. This region, recognized as Ecuador’s premier coffee-growing area, has gained international acclaim for its high-quality Arabica beans. Our March offering comes from Finca Cruz Loma, managed by Galo and Maria Alexandra. Their 350-hectare farm is nestled in the community of San José de Minas, illustrating a rich history and deep connection to the land that spans 80 years.

Region: Loja Province
Roast Level: Medium
Altitude: 1600-1900 MASI
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai
Soil: Clay Minerals
Process: Fully Washed and Dried on Raised Beds
Cup Profile: Pink Grapefruit, Papaya, Sweet Milk Chocolate
About: The March selection showcases the dedication of Galo and Maria Alexandra, who have transformed their estate into a beacon of quality and sustainability. With Galo's extensive experience in coffee, from cultivation to export, the family's hands-on approach ensures excellence at every step. Their work extends beyond their own farm, as they also represent other local producers, fostering a community of quality and innovation in Ecuadorian coffee.

February '24 CotM

Rwandan Washed Bourbon

Region: Rutsiro District, Rwanda
Coop: Coocamu Cooperative
Roast Level: Medium Light
Cupping: Bright acidity, fruity, kumquat, sage with a sweet finish
Altitude: 1600-2000 MASI
Soil: Sandy Loam
Processing: Fully washed and dried in raised beds
Certification: FT (Fair Trade)
Varietal: Red Bourbon
About: The February selection hails from the Rutsiro District in Rwanda's Western Province, produced by the Coocamu Cooperative, a group of 396 smallhold farmers. This cooperative is known for its resilience and community spirit, particularly during challenging times such as recent pandemic-related hardships. The cooperative members, cultivating on small family farms often intercropped with soybeans, focus on sustainable practices and meticulous processing methods. This lot was processed at a local washing station, showcasing the traditional and careful approach to coffee production in Rwanda, a country renowned for its exceptional coffee.

January '24 CotM

Sumatra Giling Basha

Origin: Aceh and Lake Tuba area
Score: 83
Roast Level: Medium
Cupping Notes: Syrupy Smooth Body, Low Acidity, Earthy, Herbal, and Cranberry
Altitude: 1450-1600 M
Processing: Giling Basha "semi-natural" - Wet hulled, fermented overnight, dried in parchment, then hulled to remove the parchment and dried
Certification: Organic
Varietal: Tim Tim, Typica, Ateng, Onan Ganjang, Jember

About: Farmers from the Aceh and Lake Tuba area work together to harvest, process, and sell their coffee. Farm sizes vary from as small as 100 trees to several acres. The unique environment, varietals, and processing methods result in a coffee with a more full body, earthy notes, and lower acidity.

December Coffee of the Month

Whiskey Aged Guatemala

Origin: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetenango

Farm: Finca Los Lauralles II 

Roast Level: Medium

Cupping Notes: Milk chocolate, almond, vanilla, undertones of rich whiskey and oak barrel

Altitude: 1,500-1,800 M

Processing: washed and sun-dried on elevated drying beds at the farm​​, Aged 30 days in whiskey barrels

Varietal: Bourbon

Experience the unique fusion of Guatemalan heritage and rich whiskey flavors with North Arrow Coffee Co.'s December special - Aged Whiskey Barrel Guatemalan Coffee. Sourced from the esteemed Los Laureles estate in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, this Single Origin coffee embraces tradition and innovation. After aging for 30 days in locally sourced whiskey barrels, the green coffee beans acquire a distinctive flavor profile. Once roasted to a perfect medium level, each cup presents a symphony of milk chocolate, almond, vanilla, and subtle notes from the whiskey and oak barrels. Ideal for a sophisticated after-dinner treat or as a one-of-a-kind gift for coffee aficionados.

November Coffee of the Month

Mexico - Chiapas Marachi

REGION: Chiapas

FARM/COOP: Finca Monte Azul

ALTITUDE: 1,200M -1600 M 


VARIETAL: Bourbon, Caturra

Grade:  SHG EP

Cert: Organic

HARVEST MONTHS: December to April


Marachi is a group of smallholder farms in Chiapas who mill their coffee at Finca Monte Azul.  Chiapas is the Southernmost coffee growing region in Mexico.  It boasts an ideal climate and altitude to create perfect conditions for mild, sweet coffee.

CUPPING NOTES: Medium Acidity, Smooth Medium Body.  Fruity, Hints of Citrus,  Chocolate and Graham.

Roast Level: Medium (light) - Just past first crack. City +

October Coffee of the Month

Origin: Honduras

Region: Copan

Coop: Cafescor

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

Roast Level: Medium/Light

Cupping Notes: Medium acidity, Smooth body, Caramel, Citrus Fruit, Herbal. 

Altitude: 1,400-1,600 M


Certification: Organic

Varietal: Caturra, Red and Yellow, Catuai, Bourbon, Lempira

Harvest: January to April

Slightly larger than the state of Tennessee, Honduras produces coffee and has six main coffee-growing regions. In the Casitas district, the Cooperative Cafescor was created by 25 small farmers in 2014 and has grown to over 131 farmers and 400 hectares. The COOP has a wet mill in the community of Las Casitas as well as a dry mill in the community of Jimilile. Coffee is the leading agricultural export crop in the country, with over 120,000 farms contribute a third of agricultural GDP.

September Coffee of the Month

Origin: Peru

Region: Jaen, Cajamarca

Coop: Various Cooperatives through Young Lima Coffee Export

Cupping Notes:  Smooth, full-bodied cup.  Tones of milk chocolate, Lemon, and lime

Altitude: 1650 to 1800 m

Processing: Washed

Certification: Organic

Varietal: Caturra, Typica, Catimor, Mundo Nova, Pache, Bourbon

Rony Lavan is a passionate specialty coffee cupper dedicated to sourcing the finest micro-lots from small farms in Peru's emerging specialty coffee scene. As president of the Young Lima Coffees Exporting Organization, Rony is committed to identifying and developing high-scoring, top-quality coffees that showcase the immense potential of Peruvian specialty coffee.

With his deep expertise and ambition, Rony is playing a leading role in bringing recognition to the cup quality of Peruvian coffees. Since joining Lima Coffees, he has already won Peru's national coffee competition and is leveraging the new Cup of Excellence program to showcase Peruvian micro-lots on the international stage. Rony's sharp focus and commitment to quality are helping establish Peru as an exciting new origin for unique and nuanced specialty coffee

August Coffee of the Month

Origin: El Salvador

Region: Chalchuapa, Santa Ana,

Coop: Cuzcachapa de RL

Score: 84

Roast Level: Medium

Cupping Notes:  Well-balanced, chocolate, brown spice, and roasted almonds.

Altitude: 1400 M

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun Dried

Varietal: Bourbon & Pacamara

"The Cooperative Cuzchapa" is a renowned coffee farming cooperative based in the regions of Chalchuapa and Santa Ana, El Salvador. Founded in 1966 with only 56 small coffee farms, it has since flourished into a robust organization with over 1400 member producers. The cooperative's dedication to excellence is evident through its frequent participation and recognition in the prestigious Cup of Excellence coffee competition, where it consistently showcases exceptional coffee.

Notably, "The Cooperative Cuzchapa" stands out for its unwavering commitment to environmental consciousness. Demonstrating responsible practices, their centralized wet mill utilizes recycled water to float cherries, effectively removing defects before processing. The cooperative is mindful of water usage, employing minimal amounts during the washing process. Subsequently, coffee beans are sun-dried on raised beds, further contributing to their high quality.

By keeping all processing operations centralized in one location, "The Cooperative Cuzchapa" ensures maximum efficiency and maintains the standard of their product. Through years of dedication, the cooperative has become a symbol of sustainable coffee production in El Salvador, providing a model for the coffee industry's responsible growth and environmental stewardship.

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